Lectures-The Victorian Seance


Paul Voodini, an expert in 19th Century Spiritualism and techniques of the fraudulent mediums of the time, has been lucky enough to lecture around the UK and the world on this subject. He is able to offer two different lectures, both of which take a slightly different approach to the subject.

Lecture One: Victorian Spiritualism, Seance, and the Birth of Mentalism.

This engaging and entertaining lecture recounts the rise of Spiritualism in the 1800s, the antics, tricks, and techniques of the fraudulent mediums, and how this led directly to the birth of that branch of the magical arts known as 'mentalism.' Paul outlines and explains such techniques and methods as mesmerism and hypnosis, table-tipping, slates, automatic writing, book tests, 'reading' techniques and Q&A, spirit manifestations, the Ouija board, and much, much more! The text also touches on escapology, quick change, and other magical techniques. Paul also recounts some of the most famous mediums of the Victorian era, including the Fox Sisters, the Davenport Brothers, and Anna Eva Fay, the first Honorary Lady Associate of the Magic Circle! Written and presented exclusively with mentalists and magicians in mind, this lecture is ideal for magic clubs and magic conventions, and can be presented either as a one hour lecture, a two hour lecture, or a full day workshop, depending on requirements. Paul is also able to supply all attendees with lecture notes.

Lecture Two: Victorian Spiritualism, Jack the Ripper, and the Cult of the Dead.

This equally engaging and entertaining lecture also recounts the rise of Spiritualism in the 1800s and the antics of the fraudulent mediums of the time, but also goes on to explore the crimes of Jack the Ripper, the living conditions of the common people of London during this era, and also explores what is often referred to as the Victorian Cult of the Dead, when Victorians became obsessed with death and mourning, and goes on to demonstrate how all of these factors came together to create one of the most gothic and haunting periods in British history, and a period in history that haunts us to this day. Finally the lecture introduces the notion that it was with Spiritualism and the crimes of Jack the Ripper that the door to female emancipation was finally opened; events set in motion that would eventually lead to women gaining the right to vote in the 20th Century. This lecture can be presented over one hour or two hours. Paul is also able to supply all attendees with lecture notes.

To discuss your requirements, please email Paul at victorianseance@gmail.com