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"With September by now beginning to come to a close, thick pea-souper fogs had started to roll in off the Thames, immersing whole swathes of London in a thick grey-green mist that erased the light from gas lamps and blotted out the sun."

"We turned and we ran, Poppy taking the lead and me following. Through streets, over walls, down alleyways, we ran and ran, all the way down through Whitechapel and to the banks of the Thames. We flitted amongst the boats moored for the night, taking to the darkness by the walls, until we found sanctuary in an alcove deep in shadow. Overhead the quarter moon shone and clouds sped across the night sky."


"That might have been the first night that I'd walked the streets of London caked in blood, but I promise you, it wasn't to be the last."
"I stood before the mirror and hardly recognised the reflection that stared back at me. My eyes seemed darker somehow and cat-like, and my skin white and smooth, while my lips had a deep red tinge to them, like they'd been stained by all the blood that had passed their way over the last year."
 "That vampires once existed in the London of the 18th and 19th Century is not in question. After all, it is this knowledge that has brought you here, to these streets, filled with fog and gas-lamps and alluring women with teeth too sharp and manners too coarse to belong anywhere else but in the old East End of London."
Welcome to the world of the Vampire Girls of Victorian London, the so-called 'Dolly Biters', the scourge of the East End and the scum of the Earth. Four saucy tales bound up in one alluring volume, guaranteed to quicken the pulse, thrill the mind, and excite parts of the body that other, lesser books fail to reach!
Transcending vampire fiction, gothic adventure, steampunk, and gas-lamp mystery, this is a delightfully sweet confection of blood, sex, and melodrama! A compilation of three novellas and one short story, this 350+ page paperback will haunt your sleep and benumb your waking day! Novellas and short stories contained within this 360 page book include: 'The Holmes of the Baskervilles', 'Katire Bell - Victorian Vampire', 'Joan Dark is Lost', and 'The Vampire Alice Through the Looking Glass'.

Welcome to the gothic London of the 1800s, where vampires walk the streets and some of your favourite characters from Victorian literature have been taken and twisted until they snap! Come walk the cobblestone streets of Victorian London and meet the infamous Dolly Biters. If you dare!

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